Attending Veritas Cluster Training in Chennai will able to learn about that, Veritas Software Corporation is an software development company that was founded back  in 1983 by Mark Leslie as Tolerant Systems, merged and renamed Veritas Software Corporation . in 1989, and Symantec in 2005 and it was headquartered in the Mountain View, California.

Veritas Cluster Server called as VCS and its sold bundled in the SFHA product is High available cluster software, Linux, for Unix and Windows systems, developed by Veritas Software. It delivers application cluster capabilities to the systems runs other apps, contains Network file sharing, databases and electronic commerce websites.Veritas Software Corporation has seen well growth and has been a successful to expanding  its customer base steadily. Our veritas cluster manager training in Chennai also been shared that, a HAC (High availability clusters)  improve the application availability by switching them over or failing them over in a group of computer systems as opposed to the High Performance Clusters and which improve the application performance by runs them into the various systems simultaneously.

Most Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) implementations attempts to build the availability into a cluster, and eliminate single points of fault and failure by creating use of the redundant components such as storage area networks, multiple network cards in addition to the use of Veritas Cluster Server  (VCS).

VCS (Veritas Cluster Server) is an user-level clustering softwares; most Veritas Cluster Server processes are the normal computer system processes on systems and its operates and have no any special access to the kernel functions or Operating System in the hosting systems. However, the heartbeat interconnect  technology utilized by Veritas Cluster Server is an proprietary ethernet-based Layer 2 protocol that is running  in kernel space using the kernel modules. The set of membership protocol its runs on the top of heartbeat  interconnect protocol is implemented in kernel. In case of split brain, the fencing module and its work of data protection and arbitration. Enclose too this implementation as an kernel module.

A Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) for Windows is obtainable as the standalone product and It is sold bundled with an Storage Foundation as a  HA Storage Foundation for the Windows; Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) for HP-UX, AIX, Solaris and Linux is supplied as standalone product.

Product of Veritas Cluster Server (VCS)

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) product contains VCS (Veritas Cluster Server) Management Console, multi-cluster management software and its automates the disaster recovery across the data centers.

Veritas Implementation Methodology

It’s been thirty three years since Veritas Software Corporation was founded and Veritas Software Corporation is not only providing veritas cluster manager implementations also veritas volume manager  implementations offered by Veritas Software Corporation, all those who did veritas cluster manager course in Chennai would be very well aware of this.
Veritas Training in chennai  assist professionals to effectively manage server deployment as well maintaining their deployment processes. This Veritas Cluster Server course in chennai is framed by the  working professionals and responsible for the install, configure, and maintain Veritas Cluster Server and Its covers the how to utilize VCS  to managing applications in the high availability environments.

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